Prepotto is situated on the east side of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region; on one side it borders with Slovenia, on the other with Collio Goriziano. With its 400 hectars of vineyards, it represents about 20% of the wine production of the area, Colli Orientali of Friuli.
The area is situated about 30 Kilometers from the Adriatic sea and from the Prealpi Giulie. As one might imagine, there are great climatic differences among the vineyards, as well as dramatic variations in overall weather conditions. Those differences strongly characterize the idea of territory (terroir), and it is precisely this territorial aspect which determines the quality of the wine.
Our primary attention is directed toward an integrated model of cultivation with the lowest possible environmental impact. In order to achieve this, as well as to protect the people who grow the vines, we strive to produce grapes that leave no chemical residue. All the vineyards are INERBITI naturally, with procedures that do not alter the physical structure of the soil, so as to maintain the physiological integrity of the vines; indeed, to maintain the overall balance of the vineyard itself.
All cultivation procedures are manually conducted, and each intervention is conducted only after careful study of the phenological phases.
The old vines have been preserved and re-organized, converting the system of growth from “doppio capovolto” (Cappuccina) to Guyot. This brings the amount of buds for each vine to a very low number, which in turn produces fewer grape bunches of excellent quality, to contrast, most vineyards substitute with varieties that are more adaptable to the typology of the territory. We, however were the first in the Prepotto area to adopt the planting system of 7.000 vines per hectar. These new vines are very compact, enabling few buds for each vine. As a consequence, there is a lower production of grape for each CEPPO. To compare, the production of our vineyards equals less than a half of the limit required by law.
The grapes of each parcel are VINIFICATE separately, and yearly evaluated through analytical data to determine their potential and quality. Such methodology allows us to choose the proper PORTAINNESTI, the clones, or MASSALI selections for the future, so as to obtain the uniqueness of the territory.
In conclusion, our work is complete only when our wine becomes a true reflection of the land from which it comes.












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