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We remember that moment as if it were today, our decision was made and we knew very well what we would encounter.
We wanted to devote our lives to our job in the family vineyard, trying to carry on that amazing work and commitment started by the two generetions before ours, by our grandfather Giuseppe Petrussa and after him by our father Celestino.
Our decision left our parents speechless.
It was not difficult to understand the reason why. Such a decision brought back to their mind the hard life spent in the fields, the constant deprivation, due to economic difficulties.
They were not happy at all and they could not undestand our choice to give up secure work places and guaranteed salaries.
Our determination had deep roots, based on the values of the millenial farming culture, that our parents handed down to us through their world view.
To give up a salaried position in another field has never been a problem for us. We were aware that the freedom of living and working according to the rythms of nature would have payed us back.
Now, Giustina and Celestino are proud and their serenity of these past twenty years is for us a great life lesson and for this we thank them.
Paolo and Gianni Petrussa












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